My beautiful curry leaf plant


When my father was alive, he brought me a beautiful lush green curry plant. One of his friends in Queensland had sent this beauty to him. My father was living with my sister, and as she already had two curry leaf plants at her place, he brought this plant to me. He asked me to water this plant regularly and take care of it gently like a baby.

“Deepa, are you watering the curry plant regularly?  It was the first question my father would ask as he visited me on weekends.

I felt guilty that I didn’t tender the plant with care. The lush green leaves were slowly withering and turning brown. With my work schedule, I completely forgot to water this plant. One month, two months passed, and the plant eventually died with the start of winter. Luckily, some seeds from this plant buried in the soil during winter began to sprout in spring.

After a few months with the fall of spring, two small green plants grew from the seeds. My father was pleased to see two beautiful saplings growing in my garden. I decided to look after these two plants with great care.

“How are the curry plants? My father would ask this question every time he steps into my house. I have heard people bond with cats and dogs, but I have never heard anyone bonding with a plant as my father did.

After my father passed away, I  looked after my two curry plants with love and care, and I was curious to know why he was so passionate about the curry leaf plant.

One day when I stood near the plants, I could hear them whispering to each other.

“You know Deepa’s father was a wonderful man and was passionate about the environment. He took good care of our grandmother, Jessica,” the first plant said. “Our great-grandmother Monica hails from Jaffna, Sri Lanka. She grew up into a majestic curry-leaf tree in Deepa’s father’s house. Curry leaves from her branches threw so much fragrance that every passer-by would take a bunch of curry leaves home. The taste and aroma from curries cooked with her leaves would stay in your taste bud until the next meal. 

Few years after our grandmother Jessica was born, Deepa’s father migrated to Australia and got his passport and visa for the migration. He wanted to take our grandmother Jessica with him. But the immigration department quarantined her. She was in isolation for a month and was finally sent to Queensland to avoid Sydney’s winter. The weather in Queensland is similar to Jaffna. She grew up into a beautiful young tree, and our mother, Brenda, was born. Deepa’s father’s friend in Queensland said it was not advisable to uproot our grandmother Jessica; instead, he sent our mother, Brenda, to Sydney. 

Our mother came by train and landed in Sydney and was handed over to Deepa by her father. No wonder he was upset that Deepa had let our mother die. God only knows the trouble her father took to bring our grandmother, Jessica, to Australia. We should keep our heads high and be thankful that we are in Australia. I am always grateful to her father. “

“Yes, we are living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world,” the second plant nodded in agreement. “Australian Government is well known for protecting the fauna and flora of this country .”

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