Visit to the University of Sydney

This week I went to see my Dentist at the University of Sydney campus. It’s not any University in Sydney, but one of the oldest educational Institution established in Australia. Founded in 1850, it is Australia’s first university with sandstone buildings. When a person refers to Sydney University, he or she means the iconic University located in the heart of Sydney. 

Prominent Prime Ministers like Gough Whitlam, John Howard, and Malcolm Turnbull, who studied at this prestigious University brought radical changes to the face of Australia and put Australia at the forefront of world map. People from all over have begun to show interest in Australia and are very keen to make Australia their home.  Other famous alumni include heart transplant surgeon Victor Chang, author, and broadcaster Clive James, lawyer Michael Kirby, and Australian Aboriginal activist Charles Perkins.

Many have excelled in their chosen field in Science, Engineering and Information technology. Business School has established a name in the financial markets. Graduate employment is ranked highly for the University of Sydney students. 

The quadrangle at the University of Sydney is a splendid sandstone building located within the University campus. A symbolic Jacaranda tree which stood magnificently at the southern end of the quadrangle, captured the hearts of the University Community for many years. The unique purple flowers that draped the tree in Spring provided a beautiful backdrop for the memorable graduation photographs.

The building, great hall, clock tower and the lawn in the middle are all hallmark of English architecture — the Sydney University design based upon those of Oxford and Cambridge in the United Kingdom. The whole University campus is lying in a large area, sandwiched between Parramatta Road and City Road and beyond. Newly erected modern buildings have added to grandeur and splendour to old buildings.

Tourists visit this campus and take selfies with the buildings and lawn as back-drop.

I have captured a few photos of the buildings at a recent visit to the University.

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