Mt Coot-tha Lookout, Brisbane, Queensland

Mt Coot-tha lookout offers a panoramic view of the Brisbane city and surroundings. The look-out has a restaurant, café, and gift shop and is a short distance from the City Centre.

The vantage point sits amidst a beautifully manicured garden. The telescope in the Observation desk provides beautiful views. It’s a fantastic place for a family outing on a weekend and to chill.

I hear it’s a great place for sunrises and full moons. There are a number of walking trails which we didn’t take as it was getting dark on the day of our tour. The place may be cold on a windy day and its sensible to wear appropriate clothing.

Another view from the top

Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, Queensland

Kangaroo Point is a popular recreation spot, which is a 1.3 km suburb in a peninsula. The headquarters of the Queensland Maritime Defence was based at Kangaroo Point in 1883. After Federation, the Queensland Maritime Defence became part of Royal Australian Navy.

The Kangaroo Point Cliff features good rock -climbing and abseiling adventures.

Another prominent attraction is the Story Bridge which can be climbed with the authorised tourist groups. Kayaking iconic Brisbane River allows you to row under the Story Bridge and get a glimpse of the CBD.

Plenty of Parklands available for picnics and relaxation. It’s a great place to exercise, walk, cycle and dance. Bike paths are available in this area for public usage.

We visited this site on a weekend and the entire set up fascinated us. The whole community converged in the park mindful of individual activity:    Cyclists peddling away happily; People walking along walkway joyously, stopping over every now and then to enjoy the natural surroundings; It was a pleasant surprise to witness several couples dancing to music oblivious to the environment. A pleasant and harmonious environment prevailed in this area.

You can take part actively or watch passively the drama unfold in the park. The beautiful Brisbane river and blue sky provide scenery for the drama.The site on the Kangaroo Point gives an awesome view of Brisbane and the long stretch of the Brisbane River.

Natural Bridge, Springbrook National Park, Queensland

The Natural Bridge is one kilometre circuit walk, which takes you through an enchanting rainforest and a waterfall. The waterfall from above plunges into a circular hole and into the dark arched cave below. As you walk along the circuit path , you can witness the waterfall from top to bottom of the cave below . We couldn’t see glow worms in the dark-cave below, as we toured on a sunny day. Glow worms light up the cave at night time. Continuous sound of waterfall and the noise of birds in the surrounding take you to another place in the planet.

Water Is Life
“There can be water without life, but there is no life without water. No known living thing can function without water”. Slogan found in a dam we visited in Brisbane.

Visit to Kings Park Botanic Garden, Perth

Its a beautiful park overlooking Swan River. Taking a scenic walk along a bridge is simply wonderful. We came across a barren tree at a distance and wondered about its significance in the park. A closer look at the tree displayed the history of the tree. Its a giant boab tree (Gija Jumulu – Aboriginal term) which was brought over to Kings Park from Telegraph Creek in Western Australia. After travelling over 3200km from its native place this 750 year old (estimated) tree was planted in July 2008. Its mentioned that this was the longest land journey of a tree of this size in history.
The giant boab trees can live more than 2000 years it seems.
These trees are found in the Kimberly region, in Western Australia.

Picnic at Fagan Park, Galston, NSW

Theme Gardens at Fagan Park


African Garden
African Garden


Chinese Garden -Fagan Park
Chinese Garden


Japanese Garden- Galston
Japanese Garden


Mediterranean Garden - Fagan Park, Galston
Mediterranean Garden


Dutch Garden - Fagan Park, Galston
Dutch Garden

This park covers  55 hectares of land and has a range of attractions for everybody. Picnic Shelters, Wedding site, Childrens’ play area and Gardens of Many Nations.

Eleven themed gardens including African, Mediterranean, Dutch, Chinese, American and Japanese are found here.

An Eco Garden at Fagan Park showcases environmentally friendly gardening techniques. 




Travel to Perth

In November 2017, my husband and I travelled to Perth on a holiday. We visited Mundaring Weir (dam) on a steaming hot day. Gold was discovered at Coolgardie in 1892 and at Kalgoorlie in 1893. This Dam was constructed between 1898-1903 period to supply water to expanding goldfields.

Western Australia’s Engineer in Chief C.Y.O’Connor was given the task to produce a plan for pumping water to the goldfields. The Weir and a pipeline of 560 kilometres to Kalgoorlie to supply water were completed by 1903. This is still classed today as one of the greatest hydraulic engineering works in the world.

Side view of the Mundaring Dam